MARINA OFFICE (Mon - Fri) 228-867-8721
MARINA STAFF (8a - 4p) 228-236-8070

MARINA STAFF (4p - 8a) 228-236-8071

VHF Channel 16 (24/7/365)


Now Accepting Full-Time Liveaboards -- 35' Minimum


​​July 11, 2019:  Anticipating Tropical Storm Barry to bring TS conditions to the Marina on Friday and Saturday.  NO MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER WILL BE IN PLACE FOR THIS PARTICULAR STORM.  However, tenants may surely feel free to voluntarily evacuate if they feel that is in their best interest.

Otherwise, tie up well, double up your lines where possible, use all four tie points at every opportunity, use spring lines, and leave plenty of slack for the possibility of increased water levels in the basin.

For continuous updates on the tropics and other items of tenant interest, please follow us on FACEBOOK, stay tuned here to our webpage, and always keep an eye on your email for any and all further updates.